RF Distribution System – UMCWB

Wideband UHF Multi-Coupler

The UMCWB provides a mechanical rack mount with power and RF signal distribution for four diversity compact receivers in a single rack space. The wideband design allows the multi-coupler to be used with receivers in all frequency blocks from 21 through 29. This provides flexibility, however, the antennas used with this system must also cover the range of the installed receivers.

Selective filtering in the front end attenuates RF signals above and below the passband to suppress intermodulation and noise. Following the filters is a low noise RF amplifier with gain matched to compensate for the losses in the splitter that follows.

A precision splitter/isolator divides the RF signal into four isolated signals preventing spurious RF coupling between receivers. The splitter/isolator is termination independent which prevents mismatched or disconnected RF outputs from affecting the other receivers.

Power is supplied to the RF/power distribution module from an external DC power supply module. This keeps AC hum problems to a minimum. All power circuits are protected by internal auto-reset fuses in the RF/power distribution module. Should the power to one receiver fail, the others will continue to operate.

The UMCWB frame with UHF RF/power distribution can accept the following receivers: UCR195D, UCR200D, UCR205D, UCR210D, UCR211, UCR300, UCR310, UCR411A

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