Remote Control

Remote Control for SM Series Transmitters

RM – Remote Control Transmitter for SM Series

  • Adjust parameters of SM transmitters:
    • Audio Input Gain
    • RF Operating Frequency
    • Lock/Unlock Front Panel Controls
    • Sleep Mode On/Off
  • LCD and membrane switch control panel
  • Splash-proof, machined aluminum housing
  • Non-corrosive, superhard finish
  • Extremely long battery life
  • Includes quick-release lanyard

The RM gives you remote control of SM Series transmitters* using an audible tone delivered through the lavaliere microphone attached to the unit. Operating parameters on the transmitter can be set by holding the speaker on the RM close to the microphone and pressing the pushbutton. A “dweedle” tone will play from the RM speaker into the microphone and the parameter on the transmitter will be set immediately.

The RM2 offers an economical alternative, with the same functionality of the RM except the ability to change frequencies.

*Firmware version 1.5 or higher required for use with SM, SMD, SMQ models.

Functions with all firmware versions in SMa, SMDa, SMQa transmitters.

The RM is particularly useful for situations where an SM transmitter is concealed under a costume. A Single RM can make adjustments to any SM* in any frequency block through the SM’s microphone.

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