Digital Hybrid Wireless® Handheld Transmitter

  • Digital Hybrid Wireless® Technology
  • Standard thread-on capsules
  • Membrane switch and LCD interface
  • AA battery power
  • Selectable RF power at 50 and 100 mW
  • Talkback feature


The HH Digital Hybrid Wireless handheld transmitter represents an elegant solution for a variety of wireless microphone applications including live performance, broadcast, AV rental and houses of worship. The HH incorporates many advanced features to provide highquality speech and vocal reinforcement. Along with providing peerless audio quality with wide frequency response and dynamic range in native 400 Series mode, the technology used in the HH includes compatibility modes for Lectrosonics 200 Series, 100 Series and IFB receivers, and some systems from other top manufacturers. (Contact Lectrosonics for details.)


Lectrosonics Capsules

Lectrosonics offers one  thread-on capsule for the HH transmitter: the HHC cardioid condenser. Thread-on capsules using a 1.25″/28 thread pitch can be used, including those from manufacturers such as EV, Shure®, Blue®, Earthworks®, Heil SoundTM and Telefunken®.*

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