Antenna Cable

PWS 9046 Low-Loss Cable

An ultra low-loss cable, PWS 9046 outperforms standard RG-8X by reducing signal loss by more than double over 100 foot runs.

Using the proper cable

in your antenna system is very important. A common misconception is that placing your antennas near the stage with long cable runs maximizes the signal that your antennas receive. While strictly true, the problem lies in cable loss. The extra signal that becomes available at the antennas is not as great as the loss introduced in the cable. The end result is actually less signal available at the receivers.

Cables are absolutely necessary

for getting around walls and getting signals from one room to another and for optimum positioning of high gain antennas, but overuse of cables can cause more harm than good. Call the engineers at PWS for assistance in choosing the proper cable for your wireless system.

The following chart

shows the approximate loss for several types of cables at various frequencies. Each drop of 3 db is equivalent to a loss of half of the available signal. For example, a 6 db loss means that one quarter of the original signal will be present at the end of the cable.

* Signal loss per 100ft of cable, smaller numbers indicate less signal loss.

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