Frequency Coordination Software

Save time during RF setup and coordination.

With the ever growing amount of wireless gear used for live events, RF Spectrum Analysis is turning into a nightmare for RF techs.

Conducting an inventory of onsite equipment along with reviewing reference books of local Analog and Digital TV takes hours, and is often error prone. This leads to last-minute troubleshooting or worse: ‘hits’ or interference during the performance.

Even a careful RF coordination will still miss the important phenomenon of Intermodulation Distortion (IMD). An RF tech could list every frequency used onsite and in the local area, and still miss the fact that multiple frequencies operating within the same space will interact with each other to form new harmonic frequencies. The only available solutions have been slow, difficult to use programs that don’t meet the needs of the Pro Audio community.


IAS changes all that…

The new Intermodulation Analysis Software (IAS) by Professional Wireless Systems is the solution RF technicians have been waiting for. IAS saves precious setup time by combining a database of wireless performance equipment and access to local television frequencies in use. This means an RF technician need only enter their current zip code and inventory the gear and frequencies in use. IAS will perform multiple calculations to find open frequencies that are free from overlapping analog and digital TV signals and intermodulation distortion.


This saves tremendous time over traditional trial-and-error methods. Once a clean frequency is found in IAS, a simple pre-show equipment test will verify the software’s “offline” analysis. Naturally, IAS won’t turn an intern into an RF guru overnight, but it will speed up a tedious and error-prone process.


Real World Testing.

Although IAS is newly available for audio engineers and RF technicians, it isn’t a version 1.0 application. IAS was written by a RF coordinator who was frustrated by frequency reference books and low-tech DOS applications. Developed and refined for years, IAS has been an in-house tool used by PWS technicians at premier events around the world. PWS techs are the ones trusted to handle RF coordination at major live events where 400+ frequencies are the norm. IAS has been their “secret weapon” for years and is now available to the public for the first time due to overwhelming demand.


IAS Features:

  • Written by a frequency coordinator with years of experience in RF setup and coordination at larger nationwide events. Many features are designed specifically for Live Television, Concerts, Sporting Events, and Corporate Meetings.
  • Database of pre-built models include channel assignments (such as group and channel information), eliminating the need to carry frequency charts for a various models of wireless systems.
  • Specific details also include channel assignments (such as group and channel information, eliminating the need to carry frequency charts for a various models of wireless systems.
  • Zone support for coordination’s over large venues such as convention centers and hotels.
  • Blazingly fast computation speed.
  • Effectively unlimited number of frequencies supported in each coordination (Professional Edition). Limits are imposed solely by compatible frequencies, not storage or computational ability of the software.
  • Graphical view of Frequencies, TV stations and IMD products which allows the user to find “open holes” and make educated decisions about the best use of the available spectrum.

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